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Crunchyroll Unveils Four Anime Series Available for Licensing

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New Crunchyroll series are available for licensing opportunities.

Four new anime series are officially streaming, and each series is available for licensing worldwide outside of Asia in a variety of categories. They include:

    • “TAMA of the 3rd District -Have You Seen My TAMA?” 
      • This series, commonly known as “Tama & Friends” started in 1983 and the main character Tama was inspired by lost cat posters. In 2018, “Tama & Friends” celebrated its 35th anniversary. Along with merchandising goods, there have been numerous animated shows, shorts and movies. “Tama & Friends” has even collaborated with Japan’s Postal Service! More than 2,000 SKUs for the series have been created with more than 100 licensees. 
    • “Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God”
      • This series welcomes viewers into the world of ancient Egyptian gods, from Anubis to Thoth, who are living their lives freely. These cute mascot Egyptian deities make the most of their unrestrained divine lives. The extremely popular characters of "Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God" now have their own anime.
    • “Nyanpire” 
      • The series follows a little black kitten that has been abandoned. A vampire gently picks up the kitten and gave it some of their own blood. The kitten suddenly begins to change, growing fangs and a pair of wings. The cat, named Nyanpire, is then taken in by a girl and her family and has been living a fun life as a house cat who just happens to have a thirst for blood.
    • “Anime KAPIBARASAN” 
      • This series follows Kapibara-san who lives with his pals in Midorino Grassland. He loves sitting in the hot springs and eating grass. Otherwise, he spends most of his time staring into space or sleeping soundly.

“Anime offers something for everyone; from action to romance, comedy to fantasy, slice of life and more,” says John Leonhardt, consumer products head, Crunchyroll. “This latest slate of charming anime series would make a delightful addition to your portfolio of products across categories.”

The new series are now available for licensing deals.

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