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A Byte of Bully: 'Bullseye' Gameshow Goes Digital with Bulldog Licensing

Bulldog Licensing has announced a new deal with Sabec, a video game and app developer, to bring the classic gameshow brand "Bullseye" to small screens.

Classic gameshow brand "Bullseye" makes its way to the small screen thanks to a deal between Sabec and Bulldog Licensing.

"Bullseye is the perfect fit for digital gaming," says Rob Corney, managing director, Bulldog Licensing. "The show's format is loved nationwide and is a firm family favorite, so we're thrilled to have Sabec on board to bring the experience into people's homes with innovative gaming concepts."

The evergreen darts and catchphrase-powered gameshow "Bullseye" first aired in 1981 and peaked at 19.8 million viewers on Boxing Day 1989.  

This year marks the IP's 40th anniversary, and with it comes renewed energy for the brand, which has kept its viewers and loyal fans engaged since re-airing on Sky Challenge in 2006 – quickly becoming the top-rated show at the time.  

"Bullseye has such heritage in the U.K., we know the game will be a sure-fire hit, not just with the fans that remember Bullseye but for the younger generation who enjoy darts too," says Trudi Hayward, co-founder, Brand-Ward Services, who brokered the deal on behalf of Sabec.

The unique mixture of competitive darts and general knowledge was the foundation of a beloved brand. With darts facing something of a resurgence in popularity, the new app will add a new digital face to the IP. Bulldog's existing consumer products for the brand currently consist of pub quizzes, scratch cards and the European agency is working on apparel and leisurewear lines, toys and housewares – proving that there is something for "two in a bed" when it comes to brand partnership.

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