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TF1 Licenses Opens TFOU Leisure Park, Brings ‘Barbaparpa’ to Big Screen 

A 'Barbaparpa’ film debuts in theaters this month while TFOU Parc opens this September.

TFOU, TF1’s youth brand, will premiere TFOU Parc this September at the Evry 2 shopping center in France.  

Airing every morning on TF1, TFOU and its gang of “Hoofs” are being brought to life in a new concept, immersing the public in the world of the program: TFOU Parc!  

The result of a collaboration with family leisure space designer and operator Indoor Park Entertainment (IPE), and independent commercial property company SCC, this new indoor leisure park capitalizes on the power and values of the TFOU brand and will deliver a recreational, multi-experience space for the whole family. With 25 activities and experiences spread over five immersive zones, including the T HOOFS Zone and its playground featuring trampoline challenges and towering climbs. Another zone, T GONFLÉ, is a 100-percent inflatable world full of twists and turns that covers more than 3,700 square feet  a first in France. 

TF1 Studio and Kinepolis will release a feature film, “The Barbapapa Go Green,” to movie theaters in June. From June 9 to June 27, fans can find a selection of adventures of Barbapapa, Barbamama and their seven children in up to 70 movie theatres.  
Among other things, the film will teach children to save water or to save Barbapapa’s and Barbamama’s birth tree.  

A first in the movie theatres for the Barbapapa family orchestrated in collaboration with TF1 Licences, brand agent and in partnership with TFOU, La Grande Récré, Les Livres du Dragon d’Or and Giochi Preziosi.  
On the licensing side, CTI just joined the family and will launch a range of bed linen and sponges wearing the colors of the Barbapapa in 2022.  

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