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NFLPA Scrubs In with TiScrubs

The player scrubs collection is targeted to frontline healthcare workers who have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic since day one.

Celebrating its ninth year in business, TiScrubs is launching the first officially licensed medical scrubs collection with the NFL Players Association via its licensing and marketing arm, NFL Players Inc.

The women’s and men’s scrubs feature artwork representing star quarterbacks popping out of the chest pocket, including Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson. Other styles showcase the names and numbers of other popular active players including Ezekiel Elliott, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson and George Kittle, among others. The player scrubs collection is targeted to frontline healthcare workers who have been in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic since day one.  

“We started with a mission to create scrubs that would actually fit and not just hang from a body,” says Natalie Busch, founder, TiScrubs. “We named them for the element Titanium (Ti). We wanted to create something that reflected that element --lightweight, yet strong; cut for athletes but forgiving all at once. Our fabrics and patterns move with the human form more than the typical cotton numbers you see at a hospital plus they are moisture wicking, like a real athletic uniform.”

A former marketing strategist at Hallmark in Kansas City, Busch knew there was an opportunity for the company to both grow and not take itself so seriously.

“We began this business when there were very few people making scrubs. Now, you've got to stand out. Our customer service and turnaround times are the absolute best in the business,” says Busch. “Plus, we are injecting some serious fun into this product and our marketing. You must have humor to function as a medical professional. Our web site is easy-to-shop and fresh, and now we can make anything from conservative solids to wild custom prints. Plus, I think people like supporting a small business run by a female CEO.”

The NFLPA collection is available now.

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