American Gladiators Launches Fitclubs

American Gladiators has launched a new fitness licensing program that will let trainers across the U.S. own and operate their own certified American Gladiators Fitclub.

AGF was developed by John C. Ferraro, the creator of the “American Gladiators” television series, which pits amateur athletes against “gladiators” in contests of strength and agility.

The AGF licenses are being targeted to fitness experts who own an existing mixed martial arts, boxing gym, karate school or trainers opening new businesses.

Licensees will also have access to an optional equipment package of training products from American Gladiators’ preferred vendors including CrossCore and KettleBall. Additionally, licensees can also sell official AGF American Gladiators merchandise such as shirts, sweatshirts and hats made by Stuph Clothing.

“With AGF you have a proven brand that has been on the air since 1989 and aired in over 90 countries, much unlike any other fitness brand of which very few have had any TV exposure,” says Ferraro. “Our demographics and public awareness are second to none. Most fitness brands are basically only known within the fitness industry and virtually unknown to the general public that would like to start training but are confused by what gym or trainer to join.”