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5 Things Brand Licensees Should Do To Prepare for the NFL Season

Every year, the NFLPA offers a range of marketing resources, athlete services and data to assist partners in getting a jump on seasonal planning and taking advantage of opportunities that arise throughout the year. Check out the 2020 NFLPA Partner NFL Season Checklist.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that adaptability, education and safety are paramount. With many uncertainties in front of us, how can licensees navigate – and benefit from – opportunities working with NFL players?

Just as players plan for unknown factors in the new season, licensees can benefit by preparing for everything related to developing and marketing licensed player product, receiving the best support available to implement plans, and engaging with the NFL Players Association for expert assistance.

Every year, the NFLPA, via its marketing and licensing arm, NFL Players Inc. offers a range of marketing resources, athlete services and data research to assist licensing partners in getting a jump on planning and taking advantage of opportunities that arise throughout the year.

Here is your 2020 NFLPA Partner NFL Season Checklist:

  1. PARTNER WITH PLAYERS. Download the NFLPA Player Marketing Playbook and learn how your company can add NFL players into marketing campaigns to drive fan engagement, increase licensed product sales and prove ROI.
  2. STAY AHEAD. We can’t predict the next Patrick Mahomes, but we can pinpoint players’ excellence on the field and in retail. The Top 50 Player Sales lists report sales of all officially licensed player-identified merchandise on a quarterly basis from 80+ NFLPA licensees. The annual Rising Stars list helps partners think creatively about “who’s next?” as it identifies rookies and veterans who are poised to break into the Top 50 in licensed merchandise.
  3. GO SOCIAL. NFL players are among the most influential voices and leaders in fan engagement on social media. The new NFLPA Influencer Hot List, powered by Opendorse, analyzes social media activity of active players and ranks the top 10 most influential and marketable for brands seeking deeper engagement through social content.
  4. TAP PLAYER PASSIONS. Players are more than just football stars. The NFLPA #AthleteAnd initiative highlights activities that characterize player personas and passions off the field – from social justice reform and community impact to entrepreueurship. Through the #AthleteAnd portal, partners can research players who fit their products and campaigns.
  5. TEAM UP. Partner with the NFLPA’s team of experts to strategize how to employ important partner resources into product development, marketing and promotions. For information about obtaining an NFLPA license, contact Cary Grossart at or (202) 572-7477.

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