Sony Builds Hotel Transylvania Roster

After setting the record for the highest-grossing September opening weekend ever in the U.S., Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Hotel Transylvania is seeing its box office success translate at retail.

In addition to two major retail promotions at Toys ‘R’ Us and Dylan’s Candy Bar, the brand has signed a slew of licensing partners for products worldwide.

U.S. partners include C-Life for t-shirts, fleece, thermals and onesies; General Mills for cereal box custom packaging on Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp and Trix; Dalmatian Press for grab-and-go playpacks with crayons and stickers; Trends International for posters; Bendon Publishing for coloring books and activity books; Rubie’s for costumes and costume accessories; Toy Factory for amusement plush, puffer balls and rack toys; and Dylan’s Candy Bar for three flavors of chocolate bars: Monster Snax, Dracula: Blood Bar and Mavis: Love Bites.

The film continues to be released around the world with rollout dates extending through February, and international partners are already checking in to the Hotel Transylvania program.

Worldwide partners currently include Castle Builders for a children's movie digital storybook app; GameMill Entertainment for Nintendo DS and DSi games; Mishme for Hotel Transylvania avatars in the Mishme messaging app that can be used across various platforms and devices including Twitter and Facebook; PlayFirst for smartphone and tablet apps; Pearson Education for book and audio cassettes, e-books and paperbacks; and Titan Publishing for an art and making-of book in print and e-book form.

Activity in Brazil is strong with Yangzi Brasil signing on for backpacks, lunch bags and pencil cases; Editora Alto Astra will develop coloring and activity books;

Editora Vale das Letras will produce novelizations, activity books and storybooks and Panini Brasil has signed on to make sticker books and stickers.

Finally, Edel Germany has signed on to make and distribute a storyteller CD in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.