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Dr. Martens, Black Sabbath Kick-Off Shoe Collab


Dr. Martens is releasing a collaboration with English rock band Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath’s ties with Dr. Martens run deep, so the brand’s first collaboration spotlights the artwork of their first two albums, Black Sabbath and Paranoid, on the 1460 boot and 1461 shoe. The 1460 Sabbath boot features the classic artwork from Black Sabbath’s eponymous first album, while the 1461 Sabbath pays tribute to their second album “Paranoid,” with the art digitally printed on the heel.

The collection comes in a full range of adult sizes, retails from $130.00 to $160.00, and will be available on beginning Oct. 1.

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The Mountain Introduces Ruth Bader Ginsburg Collection


The Mountain has announced the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Collection, which showcases t-shirt and mask designs that honor RGB's legacy.

As an American jurist who served on the Supreme Court of the United States for 27 years, Ginsburg especially advocated for gender equality, women's rights and voters' rights throughout her career, which is highlighted in The Mountain's newest apparel.

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves behind a legacy that I and so many others deeply admire,” says Lindsey Hayes, vice president, global sales, The Mountain. “I am proud that our Mountain team designed shirts and masks available now that reflect the impact this amazing woman has made on our society."

The Mountain, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will be donating half of each t-shirt and mask sale to Rock The Vote, a nonprofit that urges everyone to register and vote.

The collection is now available on The Mountain’s website.

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Hershey’s, Yuengling Cheers to Chocolate Beer


D.G. Yuengling & Son has announced the return of its beer collaboration with Hershey's. 

In response to consumers' demand, Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter will be available in bottles and draft throughout Yuengling's entire 22-state footprint beginning late-September 2020.

Originally released in draft only in 2019 in 14 states throughout Yuengling's footprint, Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter marked the first-ever beer collaboration for the two Pennsylvania brands. Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter makes its return just in time for fans to enjoy in a bottle for the first time.

"Last year we were overwhelmed by the excitement and passion expressed by our fans for our first-ever collaboration beer," says Jennifer Yuengling, vice president, operations and sixth generation brewer, D.G. Yuengling & Son. "We heard our fans and saw consumers, near and far, scrambling to get their hands on a taste of Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter. So, in keeping with our 191-year tradition of listening to our loyal fans, we decided to release our Chocolate Porter across our entire footprint and in bottles for even more consumers 21+ to enjoy."

The special-edition, seasonal beer uses Yuengling's unparalleled brewing expertise to blend Hershey’s chocolate flavor with caramel and dark roasted malts.

"We're happy to work with Yuengling to expand the availability of the chocolate porter and better yet the Yuengling Hershey's chocolate porter is available in bottles for the first time,” says Ernie Savo, senior director, global licensing, The Hershey Company. “Now our fans will be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind beer collaboration in the comfort of their homes.”

Starting in late September, Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter will be available in bottles and on draft throughout Yuengling's 22-state footprint, while supplies last. 

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Serena Williams Releases Limited-Edition Jewelry


Tennis champion Serena Williams' signature Unstoppable Collection, introduced in July of this year, has been a successful seller in the fine jewelry category.

The toggle necklace ­– inspired by the piece Serena wore during four consecutive Grand Slam wins – has, to date, been available only in sterling silver. Now, 100 limited-edition pieces of the same design have been released in solid 14k gold. 

Each necklace is individually numbered and handcrafted with a diamond accent. Purchasers of this offering will receive a 'Thank you' card personally signed by Serena, as well as certificate of authenticity with purchase. 

The limited-edition Unstoppable toggle necklace aims to celebrate Serena's legacy of strength and optimism, with the design inspiring wearers to share her determination to meet challenges bravely and with success.  

The 14k gold limited-edition necklace retails for $800 and is available on her jewelry web site.

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Drag Race’s Katya, Trixie Mattel Team for Makeup Collection


Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame have teamed up to create a line of makeup under Mattel brand Trixie Cosmetics.

Trixie, real name Brian Firkus, and Katya, real name Brian McCook, are best friends and frequent collaborators. The two have starred on YouTube series “UNHhhh” since 2016 and also currently work on Netflix’s online series “I Like to Watch.” In addition, the two recently released a New York Times bestselling book, Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood.

Now, the two have joined forces yet again to celebrate the character of Katya through a line of makeup through Trixie Cosmetics. Katya is dropping a mini collection including a matte red lipstick in shade “Red Scare,” a red lip gloss called “Pleather Daddy” and a red star-shaped loose glitter called “Russian Doll Sprinkles.” Fans who buy all three products will receive free Katya-inspired temporary tattoos.

The collection launches Oct. 2 on

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Megan Thee Stallion, Fashion Nova Announce Denim Line


Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has announced that she has a clothing collaboration with Fashion Nova on the way.

Fashion Nova and Megan are currently working together to create a line of denim for tall women. At 5’10”, Megan sought out to create a line of denim that fit her tall frame.

The new denim line marks the rapper’s first-ever fashion collaboration. She landed her first fashion campaign for Coach in November 2019.

The rapper posted on Instagram about the collaboration, showing off a torn ombre style, writing, “Nothing real can be threatened. Oh yeah, and remember when I said I was collaborating with Fashion Nova to make jeans for tall women? These are the first samples. Coming soon.”

More on the collaboration will be released at a later date.

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Bob Ross Appoints J&M to Expand European Reach


Licensing agency J&M Brands has signed on to represent Bob Ross in EMEA, excluding the U.K.

With millions of fans around the world and his popularity rising fast since the pandemic, The Bob Ross TV series is broadcasted on many platforms in Europe. His fan base is not just the original target audience from the ‘80s anymore, as Millennials seem to be following him on Instagram and Twitch TV in masses.

“Who doesn’t know Bob Ross,” says Monique Beck, co-owner, J&M Brands. “We are very excited to be working with Firefly on Bob Ross and with Bob Ross products such as inspirational booklets, t-shirts and hoodies, full suits, vinyl figures, fun games and many more selling out across the world, we have no doubt we can expand on the product range available in Europe and create some unique Bob Ross licensing opportunities.”

Product releases will be announced at a later date.

In other Bob Ross news, The Op released a Bob Ross version of “Monopoly” just last month.


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Hunt a Killer, Lionsgate Partner for ‘Blair Witch’ Tabletop Game


Hunt a Killer has partnered with global content leader Lionsgate to release the new “Blair Witch” tabletop experience.

This is Hunt a Killer’s first time partnering with an entertainment company on a storyline, incorporating the “Blair Witch” universe into their line of horror-themed games. The game will be a part of Hunt a Killer’s subscription-based offerings, granting players the opportunity to become members in their gaming community.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hunt a Killer to continue expanding the world of ‘Blair Witch’ into games,” says Daniel Engelhardt, senior vice president, Lionsgate Interactive Ventures & Games. “Their creative approach and mechanics are a natural fit for a franchise defined by unique storytelling and represents as special way for us to build upon the narrative of the video game we launched last year.”

In this new season, players become detectives to solve a missing person’s case near the Black Hills Forest. The storyline begins with an introduction to Rosemary Kent, a woman who lives near the edge of the forest and is looking for help to find her missing son. Over the course of six boxed episodes, players will investigate the mysterious woods and learn about any disappearances, while finding out more about the powerful forces that reside there. From there, they must piece together the clues, face the horror of the Blair Witch and those who serve her and find out if they can survive the woods.

Each month, a new boxed episode will be delivered to the member’s doorstep, and they must work to unfold the story while sifting through a variety of cryptic documents, audio recordings, and unsettling puzzles. By the end of the season, enough horrific clues will have surfaced to help solve the case. Along the way, players will have access to resources and can join the Hunt a Killer private Facebook community to ask for tips and socialize with others playing the game.

“We are excited to share this new season with our members and the fans of the ‘Blair Witch’ films,” says Ryan Hogan, chief executive officer and co-founder, Hunt a Killer. “Lionsgate is a great partner for us, and the hair-raising story we have created together is sure to provide the perfect immersive experience for a thrilling game night with friends or family.”

Hunt a Killer worked with horror producers Jason Egan and Patrick Rizzotti to broker the “Blair Witch” deal, which was negotiated by Eva Feder, senior vice president business and legal affairs, Lionsgate.

Hunt a Killer Horror: “Blair Witch” is currently available for early access and officially releases Oct. 1.

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HGTV, Sherwin-Williams Reveal 2021 Color Collection


HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams has revealed its trending 2021 Color Collection of the Year and a distinguished 2021 Color of the Year, created in partnership by the design experts at HGTV and the paint company Pros trust.

Available exclusively at Lowe’s, the designer-inspired Color Collection of the Year includes 10 complementary colors that are influenced by experiences, virtual and real to create a reveal-worthy style that all HGTV fans desire. The collection is composed of earthy tones inspired by nature with a dose of vibrancy. The Color of the Year is Passionate, which the companies describe as a deeply saturated hue that is daringly rich and invigorates the senses. 

“The current cultural climate has created a state of overstimulation and information overload which has encouraged trends to live life with minimalism,” says Ashley Banbury, color designer, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. “Consumers are eager to streamline and simplify their lives and homes, but that doesn’t mean we need to forgo having fun with color. When used thoughtfully in design, color can be immersive and incite emotion. Whether it be monochromatic or colors with high contrast… color is now being used as the main accessory in a space to embody a sense of comfort and confidence.” 


The 2021 Color Collection of the Year includes: 


  • 2021 COLOR OF THE YEAR, PASSIONATE (HGSW2032):  Passionate is a deeply saturated hue that the company calls daringly rich.


  • 2021 COLOR COLLECTION OF THE YEAR, DELIGHTFULLY DARING: Influenced by experiences, virtual and real, colors read authentic and earthy with a dose of vibrancy.
    • Dark Bronzetone (HGSW2501)
    • Diamond Weave (HGSW3166)
    • Bohemian Lace (HGSW4052)
    • Passionate (HGSW2032) 
    • Long Horizon (HGSW2371) 
    • Pale Apricot (HGSW1126) 
    • September Skies (HGSW1333) 
    • Breezy Aqua (HGSW1335) 
    • Cloverfields (HGSW2302) 
    • Copper Kettle (HGSW2121) 


The colors within the Delightfully Daring Color Collection are available for purchase exclusively at Lowe’s.

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10 Minutes with Peanuts


Peanuts came onto the scene in 1950, and ever since, the beloved comic strip characters have made their way into licensed merchandise all over the world. The brand has never seemed to wane in popularity, which makes it one of the most sought-after brands in licensing, even as it approaches its 70th anniversary. As Festival of Licensing quickly approaches, License Global had a chat with Roz Nowicki, executive vice president of the company, to discuss working from home, licensing deals and more.

Peanuts is appearing at Festival of Licensing, a month-long large-scale digital gathering that unites the global licensing industry to connect, learn, strike deals and do business on an international stage. The event takes place Oct. 6-29. Register for free now!

License Global: For those who don't already know who you are, who are you and how do you fit into the licensing industry? 
Nowicki: Peanuts is one of the Top 10 licensed properties in the world, celebrating 70 years since the comic was first introduced this year. We have one of the most recognizable character groups in the world. In terms of myself, I am grateful for being a part of the licensing industry for many years!

Peanuts has a long history in the licensing business and has reached out into multiple categories. What do you hope Peanuts will accomplish next, and are there any plans already in the works? 
We have an amazing breadth of categories licensed in most major markets around the globe. Up next is more new content on Apple TV+, and we are expanding further into the experiential space, with new attractions recently opened in Korea and Taiwan and many more in discussion!

What is the current biggest trend of industry disruption that you see due to the pandemic, and what’s the biggest industry disruption you see on the horizon that would have happened regardless? 
Retailers that did not have robust e-commerce platforms have suffered more than others and now are racing to catch up to their competitors, who already had strong on-line presence and business. At Peanuts, we are working hard to optimize our e-commerce visibility using analytics to drive consumers to our products across the digital space. Additionally, we are increasing engagement on social media platforms (already tremendous numbers) and are updating our own website, relaunching very soon!

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the beginning of your career, and what advice would you give newcomers now? 
Same as what I tell my kids… deal with people honestly and fairly. Treat others as you want to be treated. It’s that simple.

What do you see as the most beneficial habit or biggest change those in the licensing industry should get accustomed to even after the pandemic is completely over? What do you think will change permanently in regards to business? 
Working from home requires discipline, and it is imperative to find that balance and take time away from the screen and keep to a schedule. Also, I believe companies will be more accepting of working from home more frequently than in past. At least for Peanuts, the business has remained very strong, and as a team we have effectively adjusted to working remotely.

Is there anything else you'd like to add? 
The entire Peanuts team has been working full stop throughout the pandemic, and while we are like a big family, we do miss seeing one another each day in the office. We have persevered and not missed a beat, I am proud of the team for this major accomplishment!


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