Sesame Street Juice Goes Organic with Apple & Eve

Apple & Eve has expanded its popular Sesame Street line of juice boxes with the launch of new Sesame Street Organics 100% Fruit Juice Boxes, fortified with calcium and containing a full day’s supply of Vitamin C, and available in three favorite flavors: Big Bird’s Apple, Elmo’s Punch, and Ernie’s Berry. The Organic line will showcase each of the three Sesame Street characters dressed as a farmer—highlighting the “fresh from the organic farm” spirit of the new products. In addition, Sesame Street Organics will be packaged in kid-friendly 125 ml. (4-ounce) juice boxes, the recommended beverage size for kids ages 2 to 5, and the perfect fit for young hands to hold onto whether at the playground, preschool, or birthday parties. Sesame Street Organics are USDA-certified organic, and carry the Quality Assurance International seal that verifies that they are produced according to the strictest USDA standards.