Saban Lets Fans Become Power Rangers

Saban Brands has partnered with Kideo, a creator of personalized video products, for a collection of personalized “Power Rangers Samurai” DVDs and short videos that will let fans star in episodes.

Using a photo personalization technology developed by Kideo’s parent company, PixFusion, fans of the television series can transport themselves into episodes and become a Samurai Power Ranger.

“Watching Power Rangers episodes is a fun and engaging experience, but Power Rangers fans everywhere are going to love using this very innovative technology to take that experience to the next level and create a very personalized and amazingly fun experience,” says Elie Dekel, president, Saban Brands.

To star in a “Power Rangers Samurai” episode, users upload an image from their computer that is then transformed into a 3D image and integrated into the show.

Fans can choose to personalize full episodes or digital shorts on the Kideo website.

“Power Rangers has been one of the leading pop culture character brands for nearly 20 years. We feel the property has remained a perennial favorite by presenting the powerful idea of ordinary kids doing extraordinary things,” says Rich Collins, chief executive officer, PixFusion. “Everyone should have an opportunity to feel like a superhero, and our unique personalized video experience enables fans, both young and old, to virtually save the day alongside some of the most iconic action stars of all-time.”