Saban Brands Set to Take Over the Globe

Saban Brands has announced a host of international licensees ahead of its appearance at Brand Licensing Expo, Oct. 16-18 in London.

For its Power Rangers Samurai property, Xbox 360 is signed for avatars worldwide; Genesis for healthy fruit juices in the U.S., Canada and Mexico; Roadshow for DVDs in Australia; IMC Toys for games in Europe and the Middle East; Parragon for coloring/activity/sticker books in Mexico; Blue Ocean for sticker albums in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux; Panini for magazines in France, the U.K. and Ireland; and Big Balloon for magazines in Benelux.

Other licensees signed to expand the property in India include BioWorld for apparel and footwear; Radnik Exports for bicycles, skateboards, protective gear and inflatables; Only Kidz for back-to-school accessories; and Sterling Enterprises for rainwear and umbrellas.

The company's Paul Frank brand is also busy expanding around the globe, bringing its total number of licensees to more than 150.

Pan Am will make travel-inspired bags for sale in the U.S. and at worldwide Paul Frank stores; Play Imaginative is on board for vinyl figures globally, as is Spidi for camera accessories; TV Mania has signed on to be the master apparel partner for teens and adults in the U.K., France, Germany and Austria; TWC will make watches in multiple territories in the EMEA; Sky Brands has agreed to produce bedding and home accessories in the Nordic region; Plast Team is signed for home and personal storage and baby accessories in Europe, excluding Eastern countries and the Middle East; Falabella will create women's pajamas and slippers in Colombia, Peru and Venezuela; Nytron will make footwear in Brazil; Aroma Drive will produce children's gardening tools in Australia and New Zealand; and Protap has signed for footwear in China and Hong Kong.

Also on board is Go Sport in France, which launched a Paul Frank technical apparel range in August.