Marvel Launches CafePress Store


Marvel Entertainment has teamed up with CafePress for a new e-commerce store featuring a range of Super Hero merchandise.

The new store will feature a series of portals for top Marvel Super Heroes including Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers and The X-Men.

The first portal for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 launched with the movie in May and will be followed by Thor and Captain America portals tied to their upcoming films in November and April, respectively.

The Iron Man 3 portal features a wide selection of t-shirts and gear showcasing fun movie moments and quotes including a Stark R & D Department t-shirt, an Armor Up! t-shirt and an Iron Man Mask iPhone wallet case.

"We are thrilled to partner with an iconic entertainment brand like Marvel. We envision that this partnership will expand and grow in exciting ways as we build on Marvel's wealth of famous characters," says Bob Marino, chief executive officer and director, CafePress. "Marvel's fan base is well established and growing exponentially as new generations are blown away with each blockbuster release. We are pleased to help fans–new and old­­–celebrate their favorite characters with a collection of unique merchandise.”