THR, Billboard to Launch in Thailand

Entertainment, music brands enter new market with publishing, social media, events and more.

The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard magazines have partnered with Southeast Asia’s Fierce Publishing to bring both brands to Thailand.

As part of the deal, the magazines will release print editions in Thailand, as well as other media content such as social media channels, mobile and digital properties, brand licensed conferences and shows.

“With coverage of entertainment and music markets around the world, and audiences in dozens of countries, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard are truly global presences,” says John Amato, co-president, THR and Billboard. “Partnering with Fierce Publishing, we’ll be pushing into one of the hottest and most exciting markets for entertainment and music with a partner that has demonstrated a strong ability to execute in the market.” “Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter are truly unique and exciting entries to Thailand’s media market–their coverage, analysis and access will help keep audiences connected and engaged with the latest entertainment and music,” says Tarinee Kanchanawong, managing director, Fierce Publishing. “We’re excited to launch this partnership and look forward to along and fruitful collaboration.”


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