Sesame Street Gets First Comic


Sesame Workshop has teamed up with Ape Entertainment to release the first-ever Sesame Street comic book.

Featuring the full cast of the long-running children’s show, the first title in the new series was released May 4 for Free Comic Book Day and is now available across the U.S.

“Comics have always seemed a natural extension for Sesame Street because they reflect the banter and humor that’s such an iconic element of the TV show,” says Betsy Loredo, executive editor, Sesame Workshop. “We want to offer kids great content in every type of book that might attract them and to bring families together over a good story. We know comic book aficionados want to share their favorite format with their own preschoolers, so we are excited to offer an age-appropriate Sesame Street comic with stories that are designed from the start to be read aloud.”

The new comic book series will feature educational content for younger readers with five interlocking covers that, when placed side by side, create a scene with the whole Sesame Street gang.

The series also features a How to Read a Comic feature, for parents to help new comic readers.