Roald Dahl Advances with Monopoly

The classic board game is getting a phizz-wizz makeover.

EUROPE–The Roald Dahl Story Company has rolled the dice with Winning Moves to create a Roald Dahl Monopoly game board set.

The game set features Sir Quentin Blake’s iconic illustrations and offers players six new tokens inspired by Dahl’s titles including Matilda's books, James's giant peach, Mr Fox's chicken, George's marvellous medicine, a Wonka candy and little boy turned into a mouse. The game board also invites players into Dahl’s world with challenges like secure Crunchem Hall or pay Mr Wormwood, take their chances with a Wonka Bar or Golden Ticket card.

The Roald Dahl Monolply set is set to be released this month.


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