Purple Turtle Crawls To China

India-based IP development company Aadarsh signed with Chinese children’s book publisher Hebei Children’s Publishing House to produce a line of books and products in China for the Purple Turtle series.

“Young audiences in China will now be able to enjoy many of Purple Turtle’s “adventures through a variety of read and play opportunities,” says N.K Krishanand, head of licensing and publishing of Purple Turtle, Aadarsh. “Hebei Publishing is a leader in providing children with only high quality reading material, a perfect partner to support our growing initiatives for the Purple Turtle brand.”

Introduced in 2012, the Purple Turtle series has been published in the U.S., U.K., Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Indonesia, Sir Lanka, Malaysia and six regional languages in India, with more than one million copies published to date. An animated series is in development for Purple Turtle is slated for 2015.