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Ninja Life Hacks Selects Fun World to Create Costume Collections

Ninja Life Hackscostume.jpg
Gender-neutral costume line is designed for safe, creative role play.

Best-selling children’s book series Ninja Life Hacks is partnering with Fun World to create a line of gender-neutral costumes launching in May 2022, tied to National Mental Wellness Month.

The costumes extend the tools for social/emotional learning beyond the Ninja Life Hacks book pages. The Ninja Life Hacks Costumes create fun role play while simultaneously providing a safe and healthy outlet for children to identify their emotions – a major step in elevating a child’s emotional intelligence quotient. These elements make the costume line relevant 365 days a year, extending this opportunity beyond Halloween. The partnership between Ninja Life Hacks and Fun World was created by The Brand Liaison as licensing agent for Ninja Life Hacks.

“I’m very excited to partner with a world class brand like Fun World to help fans round out their collection of the world of Ninja Life Hacks. The costumes will help open up the action-packed world of Ninja Life Hacks, adding a whole new level of fun that fans can experience like never before," says Mary Nhin, author, Ninja Life Hacks. “I’m thrilled about bringing these new costumes to life for the first time and look forward to working closely with Fun World to continue growing fans’ Ninja Life Hacks collections.” 

“Fun World is proud to be a part of the Ninja Life Hacks family and we are excited to be a part of the growth of this outstanding property as we help children overcome challenges and get through difficult times,” says R.J. Torbert, director, licensing, Fun World.

The Ninja Life Hacks series is aimed at children ages 3-11 and provides them with the skills to cultivate a growth mindset, develop confidence and grit and promote emotional intelligence.

Nhin identified a void in the publishing community when raising her three young boys who, like many other young children, experienced a wide range of emotions like happiness, sadness, anxiety and love. Based on relatable real-life experiences, Ninja Life Hacks was born and experienced immediate success.



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