Newsweek Plans Global Expansion

Just three months after print editions of Newsweek re-launched in the U.S. and Europe, the weekly news publication has partnered with Empirical Media to pursue foreign license agreements for Newsweek and in markets around the world.

Global media services and advisory firm Empirical Media will pursue and facilitate foreign license partnerships to publish Newsweek in targeted markets, with an initial focus on serving increasing demand in Central Europe and Asia. Newsweek is already published through local license partnerships in Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Japan and Latin America.

"We are excited to announce this partnership with Empirical to help us bring local market editions to our readers in markets around the world," says Etienne Uzac, co-founder and chief executive officer, IBT Media, owner of Newsweek. "The demand for Newsweek is global, and we are seeing increasing interest in our editorial since the brand's re-launch in the U.S. and Europe. Based on these trends, we see a significant opportunity to grow the brand's footprint internationally."