IDW Drafts Angry Birds Comics

IDW Publishing has added Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds to its portfolio and plans to launch a series of comic books for the gaming brand this June.

The comic series was created in partnership with Rovio and will feature many of the characters from the game and Angry Birds web series including Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, Matilda and King Pig.

“Rovio has taken what was once a captivating game and built it into an interesting world filled with interesting characters who will make a perfect addition to our growing line of fun, all-ages comics,” says Chris Ryall, chief creative officer and editor-in-chief, IDW.

Created to capture the originality and fun of the app, top talent from the comics industry such as Jeff Parker (Thunderbolts) and Paul Tobin (Bandette) have been enlisted to develop the comics.

“The Angry Birds comics are a perfect way of getting to know the characters, their personalities, and their world more closely. I hope that readers of all ages will have fun with these comics by top-notch creators,” says Jukka Heiskanen, editor-in-chief, comics, Rovio.