Henson Forms Publishing Arm

The Jim Henson Company has created Jim Henson Publishing, with a mission to develop publishing projects in the tradition of the Jim Henson legacy.

The new division will launch with a book series for the new original property Enchanted Sisters. Targeting newly independent readers (girls ages 7 through 9), the chapter book series will be published by Bloomsbury Children's Books beginning with the first title, Autumn’s Secret Gift, in August.  

The Enchanted Sisters series tells the stories of the four Sparkles: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, who, along with Mother Nature, are responsible for each turn of the season.

The following two chapter books in the range will debut in 2015.

“The Jim Henson Company is beloved by kids and parents alike and pairing their insight and creativity with our publishing expertise and platform will craft a very special, unique experience for children who are just finding their way into reading on their own,” says Cindy Loh, U.S. publishing director, Bloomsbury Children’s Books.