Discovery Builds Publishing Program


Discovery Enterprises International is shifting the focus of its publishing program, placing a new priority on male readers and digital publishing.

After increasing its footprint in the children’s market for the last two years with new products featuring the Animal Planet and Explore Your World brands, DEI is now turning its attention to men ages 18 to 49.

To drive this transition, DEI has released a series of male-targeted publishing propositions based on its most popular TV brands. Weka Media Publishing will launch a DMAX magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Set to launch this month, the new monthly magazine will span adventure, lifestyle, careers and cars. 

Additionally, the Discovery Channel Magazine has been launched in Benelux, Singapore and Taiwan, and will debut in China this month, followed by India and Turkey later this year.

“Overall, the sales of men’s lifestyle magazines are declining, but sales of upmarket titles are bucking the trend and are actually rising,” says Nicolas Bonard, senior vice president, DEI. “We will be tapping into this sector and leveraging our channel IP to target successful and informed men seeking quality editorial content from a trusted source.”

The company is also upping its digital collateral. The latest deal in this arena is a  collection of e-books and iBooks from Miles Kelly Publishing designed to bolster the range of Discovery Channel kids’ annuals. The third annual in the series, Discover the Savage World, will launch in September alongside an all-new Discovery Quiz Challenge book. 

“Traditional print publishing is still at the heart of this category however innovations in technology mean that we’ve begun to look for complementary new ways to market our content,” says Bonard. “Our channel brands have a rich catalog of visual content and incredible facts that translate perfectly to digital formats. As a result we’re experiencing increased interest from publishers who recognize that working with the world’s No. 1 non-fiction media company can offer them an interesting point of difference in this competitive market.”