'Project Runway' Kits Target Tweens

Fashion Angels has released a new line of “Project Runway”-themed activity kits under its existing partnership with The Weinstein Company, brokered by ACI Licensing in 2008.

The style and design kits inspired by the long-running fashion reality series are targeted to aspiring tween fashion designers and incorporate all the elements of real-world fashion designing from sketching and pattern-making to garment construction and accessory selection.

Among the new products from Fashion Angels are the Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge, which lets tweens create miniature dresses using patterned tape, and the Project Runway Models to the Runway kit, a modern twist on paper dolls where tweens design the paper dresses for 10 paper doll supermodels.

"Our new kits take tweens on the entire journey from their own fashion ideas to creating outfits that are runway ready,” says Bill Uzell, executive vice president, Fashion Angels. “Kids can create almost any outfit that they can imagine, and, in some of the kits, they can proudly present their work."