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The Licensing Mixtape S2 E7 - Inclusivity, Fandom and Retail with Redbubble

Eric Morse of Redbubble joins License Global's Patricia DeLuca to discuss bringing fans into the business and how to make brands truly inclusive.

In the newest episode of the “Licensing Mixtape,” Patricia DeLuca, managing editor, License Global, and Eric Morse, senior vice president, content partnerships, general manager, global licensing, Redbubble, discuss catering to fandom, inclusivity, the benefit of DTC retailers and more.

"[Fans] are your biggest investors," says Morse. "If you think of fandom as a business, these are the folks who hold stock. They're the ones who spend the money on the movie, buy the game, buy the upgrades and they have opinions. They also have their own interpretation of the movie or the game and leaning into that is an important aspect of acceptance. On Redbubble, we have found that fan art, in particular, is a validation point. When they submit a piece of fan art that expresses their particular slant on a property, and when the artist gets that work approved by the licensor, there's a moment of validation like, 'Yes! they accept my view.’"

Discussing micro-communities, fan interpretations, inclusivity, adapting for fans of all backgrounds and the power of DTC, Morse provides his view on the changing landscape of fan engagement.

Listen to the full episode on, or subscribe via Spotify, iTunes or Google Podcasts for access to the first two seasons of "The Licensing Mixtape.”

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