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Licensing Mixtape Preview: Connecting Fans at Retail

The Bioworld Merchandising team joins License Global to discuss the importance of fan connection at retail.

Navigating the consumer engagement landscape is more challenging than ever. With new platforms emerging every day, consumers have options on where to engage. Bioworld understands that and is meeting the fans wherever they are. This makes it easier for their retail and brand partners to succeed.

In an upcoming episode of The Licensing Mixtape, McKenna Morgan, digital editor, License Global is joined by Beth Taylor, Jennifer Staley, Sean Parnell, Chad Neurenberg and Casey Hulse of the Bioworld team to discuss how Bioworld connects with fans at retail.

Bioworld is heavily invested in consumer insights.  They call it “optimized fan engagement.”  Bioworld has been tapped into the value of consumer insights for years now.  Couple this with their omnichannel infrastructure and they create new opportunities and mitigate risk at retail every day. 

Being able to engage consumers across platforms is a key component to exponential retail success. Bioworld has full capabilities at brick and mortar, retailer e-commerce, Amazon, social commerce and more. This multiple-level cross-channel approach harmonizes the brand message to create cohesion no matter where the fans shop.

Investment in e-commerce fulfillment and inventory management allows Bioworld to meet the business where it is going via proactivity instead of reactivity.  That gives their retailer partners confidence and creates brand loyalty with consumers.

Bioworld has just dropped a new corporate video taking a deeper dive into this strategy. Check it out to stay on top of what Bioworld is doing to expand the market and drive consumer engagement.

Be sure to check out Episode 2 of The Licensing Mixtape x Bioworld to learn more on May 17.

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