Plus Licens Tackles Archie

Stockholm-based Plus Licens was appointed the pan-European merchandising and publishing agent for Archie, America’s teenager comic character created by John Goldwater and Bob Montana.

Archie first launched in the comic book Pep Comics in 1941 and was soon seen in other media including newspapers, radio, television, movies, consumer promotions, spin-off comics, and merchandising. The 1960s even saw the fictitious bubblegum pop group The Archies top the U.S. charts with “Sugar Sugar.” The property is known in Plus Licens territories under names like Acke, Arkibald, and Justus.

“Representing Archie throughout Europe is an important landmark in our European strategy to be a market leader in fun fashion character design, recently manifested in the opening of our Paris office,” says Peder Tamm, president of Plus Licens.