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Ferōz, Studio Noju Create Pet Collection

The new pet collection aims to combine functionality and style.

Colombian pet accessories brand Ferōz and Madrid’s Studio Noju have released a trio of wall-mounted storage units, meant to keep the toys, treats and leashes of our four-legged friends.

Each piece in the collection, dubbed Casa Ferōz, is made from local flormorado oak and designed to specific items.

A square, olive-green version of the storage unit is meant to hold a single ball, while a deep red, vertical pillar is for a tower of doggy-bag rolls. Another unit, in ballet-slipper pink, is meant for more oddly-shaped items such as treats.

According to Ferōz founder Daniela Rivera, the aim is to offer people a practical way to store their pet products without sacrificing style.

"As an owner of two beautiful dogs, pet products occupy a lot of space in my home," Daniela Rivera, founder, Ferōz told De Zeen. "But the market has always been missing an elegant and practical way to store those items. I couldn't find tasteful objects that reflected my style while serving the needs of my pets."

The Casa Ferōz organizers feature a solid wooden base that holds leash hooks and is also the part of the units that is mounted to the wall. On top of this is a plywood compartment with carved doors that keep their contents tucked away.

"Rather than continuing to make pet products that have no connection with our home, this collection contains thoughtful products that explore the coexistence between humans and animals from the perspective of interior design," Rivera told De Zeen. "There is a great opportunity to develop products and spaces designed around our coexistence with animals and give them a presence in our home that highlights their position as members of the family."

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