Partners Sign On for Two Benton Properties

CopCorp Licensing launched programs for two new Jim Benton properties, Meany Doodles and Total Trouble. Meany Doodles is a new attitude humor property starring a little girl who is always in a bad mood. Benton describes Meany Doodles as the Unofficial International Spokesperson for the Perpetually Irritable with humor designed to appeal to girls in their tweens and up. Several licensees are on board to support the property including Accessory Network for stationery, backpacks, and small leather goods; Blackjack for T-shirts; Briefly Stated for junior sleepwear; C&D Visionary for buttons, stickers, keychains, and other small items; and HYP for hosiery. Boy-oriented Total Trouble has attracted its first partner Thunder Creek for men’s, young men’s, and boys T-shirts. Total Trouble is the cartoon personification and unabashed celebration of the feisty “troublemaker” attitude that shows up in every little boy (and many grown men) from time to time.