Walmart Buys Shopping App | License Global

Walmart Buys Shopping App has acquired online shopping community and app Luvocracy.

According to Ben Galbraith vice president, global products,, Luvocracy “helps consumers discover cool products recommended by people whose taste they trust, such as family members, friends and online influencers.”

Founded three years ago, Luvocracy was one of the first companies to enable the entire social shopping experience—from discovery to commerce—to occur online.

He says that 16 highly-talented people will join Walmart include its leadership team: chief executive officer and co-founder Nathan Stoll; vice president, design Brooke Thompson; creative director Christine Martinez, and vice president of engineering Ajay Agrawal.

“I’m so delighted to have them join us,” says Ben Galbraith vice president, global products,, “and now we’ll be working together to create more of these fantastic moments when customers find delightful products at great prices.”