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'Naked Animals' to Target Moms

9 Story Entertainment has appointed public relations agency Child’s Play Communications to create a social media outreach campaign for the TV series “Almost Naked Animals” and its new lines of licensed products. 

Child’s Play specializes exclusively in marketing to moms, a group that 9 story hopes will help increase brand awareness for the preschool property.

“Moms have major influence over which TV programs their children can watch,” says Stephanie Azzarone, president, Child’s Play Communications. “The irreverent nature of ‘Almost Naked Animals’ makes the show entertaining for the entire family.”

Child’s Play intends to work with selected parenting publications in the U.S. as part of its PR campaign. 

“We know the broad family appeal of ‘Almost Naked Animals’ will resonate with moms, and the lovable characters make for fun product extensions,” says Vince Commisso, president and chief executive officer, 9 Story Entertainment. “Child’s Play Communications has an excellent track record for reaching this important audience.”

Now in its third season, ‘Almost Naked Animals’ airs on Cartoon Network in the U.S., and is broadcast in a variety of other territories including Europe, Australia, India and Latin America.