AMGI Animation Teams with Coldplay in Release of Their New Video, “Higher Power.”

Dancing “alien holograms” star in the popular rock band’s latest vid.

AMGI Animation has announced a collaboration with rock band Coldplay starting with multiple launches of their new music video, “Higher Power.”

The video features animated “dancing alien holograms” produced by AMGI Studios in a collab with Coldplay and Ambiguous Dance Company from South Korea.

“We’re honored to be working with Coldplay in the premieres of their new music video,” says Colin Brady, chief creative officer, AMGI. “We were able to successfully create breakthrough, dynamic, animated holographic imagery for the cast of dancing aliens who have now been seen by many millions of viewers around the world. Best of all, the song is joyful, catchy and lifts the spirit during these difficult times. We’re grateful to be a part of it.”

“Higher Power” debuted from the International Space Station on YouTube and has generated more than twelve million views across Coldplay social media channels. The video was featured on “Good Morning America” in the U.S.

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