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Kellogg’s Reveals Your Friendly Neighborhood Breakfast Cereal

Kellogg's and Marvel have launched new food lines and a live experience inspired by Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The long line of treats that are hitting shelves by Kellogg's feature interactive boxes and packaging that unlock a new game for consumers, with family-favorite brands gaining a fresh spin including:

  • Spidey Berry Pop-Tarts;
  • Eggo Mixed Berry Marvel web-shaped waffles;
  • Cheez-It with engraved Spidey designs;
  • Keebler Amazing Vanilla Cupcake Fudge Stripe cookies and
  • Kellogg's Spider-Man Far From Home Fruit Snacks.

New Yorkers can also gain access to Spider-Man’s takeover of Kellogg’s New York City Cafe, with a Spidey-themed menu including Mysterio Mac & Cheese. Alternatively, fans outside of the city of New York can gain insight into how to make these treats at home on the Kellogg’s NYC website.

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