MerryMakers Takes on Pete the Cat

The California-based company MerryMakers has teamed up with artist James Dean to launch a worldwide licensing program for Dean’s art brand, Pete the Cat.

Pete the Cat’s existing fan base ranges from adult pop-art buyers to kids and teachers. In addition to being shown in art galleries around the world, Dean’s Pete the Cat artwork is also featured in four HarperCollins children’s picture books and a YouTube series. A new book from HarperCollins, Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, is due out this month.

“We have been huge fans of Pete the Cat for years and are tremendously excited to expand his reach,” says Clair Frederick, president, MerryMakers. “We will be working with licensees and key retailers to offer high design, innovative product to the specialty market.”

MerryMakers is currently seeking partners for Pete the Cat in all categories and plans to release a retail collection for the 2013 holiday season.

“The character’s bold colors and jazzy style make Pete the Cat appropriate across a wide range of product categories,” says Frederick. “We anticipate our partners will speak the same language as Pete and capture his hip voice in the product design.”