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A Masterclass in Bringing Brands to Life

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Banijay Brands isn’t just taking the shows we watch further with product; it is enhancing the role it plays in our lives and helping consumers engage with its extensive IP.

Straightforward products are no longer the done thing. Successful brands are focused on experience, education and helping fans engage with what we love. During lockdown, our need for at-home cooking skyrocketed and engagement with the “MasterChef” brand was through the roof. Want to keep the kids interested in the kitchen? Fire up a virtual reality cooking challenge that takes the family into a virtual replica of the “MasterChef Junior” kitchen. Been hooked on “Peaky Blinders?” Buy products that are designed and created as if by Shelby Company itself. Want to spend more time with the kids? Take the manic physical challenges of “Wipeout” and place them in your backyard with a 16-foot water-powered obstacle course. Banijay Brands and their local licensing divisions around the world, including Endemol Shine North America, aren’t just taking the shows we know and love further via products, it is enhancing the role it plays in our lives and helping consumers truly engage with its library of IP in meaningful ways. Not bad for a dedicated brand division founded just over a year ago. 

“All of our brands have their own niches in terms of target demographics and that’s the wonderful thing about Banijay and Endemol Shine North America is that we have something for everyone,” says Scott Shillet, vice president, licensing, Endemol Shine North America. “All of our brands are global, they’re beloved around the world so there’s a lot of synergies when working on global partnerships. But overall, the biggest benefit is obviously having a much deeper catalog.”  

Banijay acquired Endemol Shine Group in 2020 and added a portfolio of globally loved brands to its roster, from “MasterChef” to “Mr. Bean,” “Peaky Blinders” and “Wipeout” to name a few.   

Want to read more? Check out the full story in the August issue of License Global, out now! 


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