Winx Club Gets New Fashion Doll Range

Rainbow's Winx Club property is continuing its fashionable positioning, with the launch of a new range of fashion dolls this holiday season.

Licensee Sirenix has created a range of dolls featuring six characters from the girls' series, "Winx Club," set to debut in 35 countries around the globe. A limited edition fairy fashion doll, created to mark the property's 10th anniversary next year, will also enhance the range. The Russian market will also see a limited edition doll designed by Kira Plastinina. That doll will hit Russian retailers in March and is tied to a charity program.

The dolls will also launch in conjunction with new digital content.

"Winx Club" follows the adventures of a group of young fairies and is targeted to girls ages 4 to 10. It is viewed by more than 15 million households every day and broadcast on more than 115 stations worldwide. The property boasts more than 130 animated episodes, as well as two feature-length films. The Winx Club property also has strong licensee support, with more than 500 on board across a broad swath of categories and with more than 6,000 products developed.

2014 will see the brand's 10th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Rainbow has commissioned the series' sixth season of 26 episodes in 2D and 3D. A third Winx Club movie is also in development, as are anniversary activities throughout the world, as well as additional new products.