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Taking Smiley Viral

Taking Smiley Viral

SmileyWorld is taking to viral and influencer marketing to support its product ranges and connect with tweens.

SmileyWorld is taking to viral and influencer marketing to support its product ranges and connect with tweens.

SmileyWorld, the brand behind the seminal smiley icon, is continuing to build its lifestyle collections with a renewed focus on tweens.

“The tween market is very important for us, and we are very successful there with our lifestyle products,” says Nicolas Loufrani, chief executive officer, Smiley Company. “For tweens, we are quite a cool brand that they don’t see on television as a cartoon. Tweens believe they are grown up, so they are into everything that is music, celebrity, sports and Internet, and it is a market where we can meet them, both boys and girls, in fashion, accessories, back-to-school, food products, novelties and home décor.”

Smiley recently launched a range of collectibles in partnership with Simba Toys. The collection of 50 expression accessories attach to a mobile phone or keyboard, or can be used as pen toppers. While the range is fashionable and cute, it also serves a function that is close to Loufrani’s heart–it offers children and tweens a way to develop their emotional intelligence, which is an individual’s ability to recognize their own or other’s emotions.

To support the growing Simba range, SmileyWorld launched a robust marketing campaign that included TV, vlogger and social components, as well as leveraged influencers for unboxing videos.

This summer, Smiley launched a range of canned juices, called Smiley Fruity, in partnership with beverage manufacturer and licensee L’Abeille. The beverages hit shelves across European retailers such as Auchan, Carrefour, Leader Price, Leclerc, Casino, Monoprix and Toys ‘R’ Us.

To coincide with the launch, Smiley and L’Abeille launched a TV ad campaign that extended to YouTube with a DIY call-to-action for kids to create their own Smiley Fruity videos, which they can then share via social media.

The viral marketing strategy and continued development of influencer marketing is one that Smiley is committed to furthering in 2018.

“We have plans to invest substantially in the next year in our influencer strategy, because now it is key,” says Loufrani. “We have realized that… a successful marketing campaign is created by mixing broadcast and viral [content].”

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