Inustry Vet Highlights the Power of Brand Licensing

Writing an all-encompassing book about brand licensing was no easy task.

For Beanstalk co-founder and chairman Michael Stone, a suggestion to write a book made during a brainstorming meeting six years ago took nearly three years to write.

“There are a handful of books out there about licensing, but they cover everything,” says Stone. “No one has done a definitive book about brand licensing, and it holds a different place. We’re in a unique time right now, during which brand licensing, in particular, can be used as a very effective way to engage consumers.”

The Power of Licensing: Harnessing Brand Equity is 357 pages of how brand licensing can help a product’s visibility, as well as its longevity in the retail space. A number of companies are mentioned in the book, including Baileys and Weight Watchers, all which have used brand licensing to achieve their overall business goals.

The book is not only an essential tool for those who may not be familiar with licensing, says Stone, but it can also help an existing business elevate its brand.

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