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Entertainment One Builds for the Long-Term

Entertainment One is a nimble entertainment organization that is taking its portfolio of preschool properties to every major market in the world, with an eye toward sustainability.


Andrew Carley, head of global licensing, eOne Family

Entertainment One is an increasingly unique company in a world dominated by entertainment power players and licensors.

The organization, which does not define itself as a formal entertainment studio in the traditional sense, reported $1.1 billion in revenue last year across its various units that include film, television, music and family brands, and ranked at No. 44 on License Global's Top 150 Global Licensors report, with $1.3 billion in retail sales of licensed merchandise in 2016.

Its relatively small size affords it luxuries that larger studios and production houses may not be able to enjoy or capitalize on.

With a mantra of "Bringing the Best Content to the World," eOne is devoted to bringing quality entertainment offerings to a global market and the organization is meeting that demand in every corner of the Earth.

Consumer products are one such area where eOne Family, its children's content division, is truly benefiting from the size and scope of the organization.

"We recognize that we work in a very different way than major studios, and there is strength in that which gives us a very different profile, particularly in the kids' arena, where it is to our advantage–we don't want to lose that," says Andrew Carley, head of global licensing, eOne Family. "While the organization has grown, we do have a very entrepreneurial, nimble mentality, and it is something that we aim to keep a hold of."

eOne is further set apart by its integrated approach to brand licensing that holistically addresses the life cycle of an entertainment property. All divisions are aligned and work closely together–from creative to product development, its commercial arms and marketing–from the very earliest stages of an IP to create long-term, sustainable propositions.

"We all sit closely together and think very deeply about how we can make a show as effective as possible on all of the various levels," says Carley. "You end up with sort of a jigsaw puzzle where no one piece is more important than another and together they make for a very compelling story."

With two major hits in its portfolio–the evergreen "Peppa Pig" and the on-fire "PJ Masks"–as well as new IP in development, eOne is positioned well to concentrate its efforts to fully support and bolster its work in key markets on almost every continent.