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Masked Republic Tag Teams to Expand Expo Lucha Live Events

Summer 2020’s Expo Lucha: Philadelphia marks the first event under the new deal.

Masked Republic has tagged in FanGirl Consulting and Brand Management to help manage and expand its Expo Lucha fan convention and live event beginning with this summer’s Expo Lucha: Philadelphia.

“We are very proud of how quickly we have been able to build our home grown lucha libre convention,” says Ruben Zamora, founder and chief executive officer, Masked Republic. “But, with our small team, we knew that to meet both fan demand across the country and our own vision to add exponentially to the experiences offered at the Expo, we needed to find the right partners who understood both our goals and the market.”

In order to support this new partnership, FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management has created a new division, FanGirl Expo Services. The new division will identify opportunities on behalf of Expo Lucha for brand partnerships, event sponsorships and marketing outreach to the Hispanic fan base.

“The name of the company speaks for itself,” says Anita Castellar, chief executive officer, FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management. “For the fans, by the fans is one of our mottos at FanGirl. Our team is both bilingual and bicultural. We grew up watching both lucha libre in Spanish and wrestling leagues in English. It’s exciting to see many of these stars we grew up watching are now part of the Expo Lucha events and we get to share these experiences with our children. In short, we are the target demographic of Expo Lucha.”

Expo Lucha: Philadelphia will take place Aug. 15-16, 2020 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Penn.

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