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Opsec Security Helps Secure Licensing, Launches New Line

At the webinar hosted by License Global, OpSec offered ways to find a partner to work with any brand.

At the License Global webinar on Thursday, Oct. 7,  Tiffanie Lane, product manager, OpSec Security spoke with children’s author Lisa Caprelli about best practices in protecting a brand, especially after it goes viral.  

Caprelli, who hit viral fame in early 2020 with “Unicorn Jazz,” spoke on the importance of securing a brand. 

“As an entrepreneur, it’s always a work-in-progress,” says Caprelli. “You want to partner with people or team up with people who can help you on the business side.” 

During the webinar, Lane shared how to license merchandise, regardless of what the product is, with the steps as follows.  

“Experts exist,” says Lane. “With off-the-shelf platforms that are designed for exactly this process and brands exactly like yours, that can grow from day one to year 10 with you.” 

Lane then moved on to what OpSec can manage to those looking to secure their brand, such as license agreements, assets and much more.  

Prior to the webinar, OpSec had announced OpSec Inspire, a fully integrated brand protection and multi-layered security line. 

OpSec Inspire enables brand owners to reach more deeply and more broadly across their customer base with highly personalized messaging. Digitally printed, highly secure unique IDs on each label ensures everything required to support the move to everything digital and everything online including: 

  • 360o Brand Protection capabilities; 
  • Extensive personalization; 
  • Sustainable production;  
  • Multi-layered overt, covert and forensic security features; and 
  • Superior supply chain visibility. 

“OpSec Inspire significantly raises the bar for high-performance digital brand protection, growing OpSec Security’s innovative technology capabilities and our aptitude to guide our customers’ brand protection strategies,” says Dr. Selva Selvaratnam, chief executive officer, OpSec Security. “ As we continue to advance our capabilities, OpSec Inspire will offer a significant advantage to our customers’ and further enrich their consumers. Combining OpSec Inspire with OpSec Insight – our digital customer engagement platform –this ground-breaking technology will make consumer purchasing a more rewarding and compelling experience, which is critical for brands in today’s competitive marketplaces.” 

The webinar is available on-demand here. OpSec Security is exhibiting at Brand Licensing Europe. Be sure to register for Brand Licensing Europe here. 


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