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10 Minutes with … Studiocanal

Valérie Rolandez-Barrios, Studiocanal exec talks B&LIS and more with License Global.

With the Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit quickly approaching in June, License Global is chatting with speakers about the event, the licensing industry, life after lockdown and more.

We spoke with Valérie Rolandez-Barrios, vice president, IP licensing and partnerships, Studiocanal about movie IPs, how they fit into licensing, her excitement for B&LIS and other topics.

License Global: You’ve produced and distributed multiple popular films. How does a film production and distribution company fit into the licensing industry?

VRB: A film production and distribution company has 2 main goals:

  • Enhance the visibility of the movies and series upon release: as such, publishing and QSR deals, when possible, are important for the visibility at the time of release, and more if possible (licensing and paid promotions), depending on the notoriety of the subject of the movie; and
  • Maintain and develop the awareness of the great movies and franchises of the catalog, and create additional revenues (ex: “Paddington,” “Terminator,” “Rambo,” talk about our biggest IPs) throughout the world and sustain the rereleases of these movies.

How does your company decide what categories each film will fall into for licensing, or if the program will be larger or smaller scale? Do you do this before or after the film release?

We first evaluate the potential for licensing, throughout a careful study of notoriety of the characters of the movie and study the feasibility of each category, always before the release.

What makes a successful film licensing program?

Of course, our ability to sign as much licenses as possible, but also to create the greatest visibility in the market for the success of the movie and creation of possible franchises.

Why is B&LIS an important event for the licensing industry this year?

Because it will be the first significant event after the critical moments of the pandemic to examine the changes and new perspectives of the licensing market. Thrilled to exchange with all speakers and attendees the licensing stakes and challenges for the coming world!

What topic(s) will you be addressing during B&LIS?

For our catalog, address our capacity as the first European Studio to showcase the creativity and quality of our iconic titles through strong restoration, PR, digital and branding programs. For our youth IPs, tolerance, self -discovery, curiosity and care of living beings are essential values to be transmitted to the children with always high-quality requirements in the production of our movies and series.

Be sure to register here for the virtual Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit, being held from June 9-11, 2021. To learn more about the conversation Studiocanal will be participating in, "Understanding the Opportunity Behind the Cinematic Streaming Hybrid," click here and check out Day Three.

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