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Webinar: Untapped Potential: How Mobile Gaming is Gearing Up for Big Change

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Webinar Information
Start Date: Jun 23, 2021 - 09:00 AM PDT

Half of all time spent online is through a mobile device, and global revenue from the mobile games segment is projected to hit $110 billion this year. That revenue is forecasted to grow even further – up 10% to $161 billion by 2025 (according to Statista). The global phenomenon stretches across both free-to-play and premium games, brings new brands to the market and gives fans new touch points for existing properties. With more IPs either going mobile or gaining huge ground, what does the increasing popularity and power of mobile gaming mean for brands and their product extensions? Find out in this exclusive webinar, brought to you by License Global.


Issei Shimizu, Director of Digital Media, SEGA of America

Luka Okorn, Head of Licensing, Outfit7

Ville Heijari, Head of Business Development, Rovio



Dave Tovey, Director of Brand Development and Head of Tinderbox, Beanstalk


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