'Kioka' Gets First Agent

Awol Animation Paris has announced that Australia’s Stella Projects has signed on as the first international licensing agent for Goldilocks Studio Korea’s “Kioka.”

The appointment follows the successful launch of the series on ABC4Kids and the appointment of Roadshow Entertainment as the show’s home entertainment distributor, with plans for a DVD release in February 2013.

“Kioka” is also aired on Piwi+ in France, RAI Yoyo in Italy, KBS and KBS Kids in Korea, E-Vision in Dubai, RUV in Iceland and OKTO in Singapore with distribution deals in the works in Malaysia, Thailand, Iran and Slovenia.

“Kioka” follows a curious and confident little girl who can enter her magical snow globe when she shakes it.

“Kioka is a delightful TV series and is rating very well on ABC2,” says Grahame Grassby, who signed the property for Stella Projects. “It is terrific to see a Korean producer making such high-quality animation for the preschool audience.”