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A "KEWL" New Brand Targets 'Tweens

DIC Entertainment, Geffen Records, and Poets Road will launch KEWL, an all-new brand for ’tweens, with a celebrity music-driven branded magazine, a Website, and a television review series in development tentatively called “Everything KEWL.” The first issue of KEWL magazine is on shelves at retailers such as Claire’s, FYE, Sam Goody, Skechers, Suncoast, and Toys “R” Us, with the second issue due in June. KEWL focuses on the worlds of music, television, and movies in addition to featuring fashion, quizzes, advice, horoscopes, and posters. A new Website, www.kewlmag.com, also features exclusive contests and user-submitted content. The “Everything KEWL” TV review series will be hosted by SPG: The Slumber Party Girls with each episode featuring information and reviews on movies, games, music, TV, gadgets, and style for ’tweens.