Kabillion Adds Series, Updates Web Site

Kabillion comes off of its biggest month ever with several new announcements, including its addition on Bresnan Communications cable systems, a new series, and three new video games on its Web site. The new multiplatform kids’ program service was recently added on Bresnan Digital Cable throughout Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming with additional MSOs expected to be added by year’s end. New animated series “Staines Down Drains” was launched from EM.TV on all platforms and users will have access to three original video games based on the network’s top rated series. “Playworld Invasion” finds two of the aliens from the “Pet Alien” series, wreaking havoc in an amusement park; “Big Fish” features the lead character from “Bobby’s World” in an underwater adventure; and “Rocket Lander” is based on new series “I Got A Rocket!” and asks players to help navigate Rocket back to Vinnie’s house and avoid the evil Ducky kids, all before he runs out of fuel.