Japan Named Country of Honor at MIPTV 2008

Japan is to be the country of honor of the 45th MIPTV, featuring MILIA, in April 2008. Japan, the second largest TV market in the world, will be celebrated on Japan Day, April 7, through conference sessions focusing on the Japanese animation and format export markets; digital media experts speaking throughout the week, and an opening cocktail party focusing on Japanese programs and genres, such as animé.

Paul Johnson, director of the television division, said: “We are proud to highlight Japan at the 45th MIPTV. Japan has always played an important role at our markets and more importantly is a key player in the global entertainment industry particularly in digital delivery. The Japanese have also been some of our most loyal clients with their attendance at MIPTV dating back over 40 years.”

In 2012, Japan is predicted to be the second-largest market for mobile television services behind the U.S. and ahead of Italy. Nearly 60 percent of the animation produced in the world is currently made in Japan.

MIPTV featuring MILIA will be held in Cannes from April 7-11, 2008.