IP Sales Process Underway for BKN International

BKN International, which filed for insolvency in mid 2009, has begun its asset sales process, including TV and film brands. The company was behind animated series, "Zorro: Generation Z," "Dork Hunters from Outer Space" and "Legend of the Dragon."

Heinrich C. Friedhoff was appointed as BKN's insolvency administrator.

The global animation company has licensed products in categories such as master toy, textiles, stationery and back-to-school, bubble gum, cake decoration, beach balls, home video, sporting goods, footwear and many others. The company's property library includes Robin Hood, Kong: The Animated Series, Dork Hunters from Outer Space, A Christmas Carol, Jungle Book and more.

Interested investors may contact Joerg Leussink or Harald Lohr at +49 69 713 19611 or [email protected]. A sales documentation will be held in mid to late January.


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