Interactive News

Video game and licensing industry veterans Rand Marlis and Daniel Kletzky recently formed Los Angeles, CA-based Interactive Rights Management, which provides professional representation to maximize interactive business and creative opportunities for game publishers, content owners, game developers, and designers.

Both Marlis and Kletzky are former studio executives (20th Century-Fox and Warner Bros.) and attorneys. Marlis has represented such interactive property rights as Terminator and Stargate and publishers including Eidos and Atari. He has completed agreements with 20-plus game publishers for interactive home and out-of-home systems, theme park attractions, motion simulation, lazer tag, and feature films.

Kletzky has represented such companies as Capcom and Square and has produced several animated TV series, including Street Fighter and Mega Man, in addition to live-action film adaptation Resident Evil, all based on video game content. Kletzky's upcoming video game-based films with Mindfire Millennium include House of the Dead and Dead or Alive.

Interactive Rights Management can be reached at: Tel.: (310) 443-4177; Fax: (310) 473-1175; e-mail: or