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Are You a Licensing Industry Disruptor? We’re Calling for All Influentials!

This year, License Global’s annual “Influentials” report will highlight the licensing industry’s most notable, trailblazing disruptors.

A disruptor is any company or professional who has changed the way the industry does business–think George Lucas and his work to secure licensed merchandise rights for Star Wars or any number of individuals who have dared and risked to think differently. We want to highlight the players who have broken the mold, shifted the paradigm and even broken the rules, leaving an indelible footprint on the industry as a whole within the last five years.

Whether it’s a non-conformist who understands the future is not yet written and tackles things from a completely fresh perspective, or a defiant company that refused to follow the crowd and do business as usual­, we will spotlight our industry’s biggest visionaries.

To submit your nomination, please answer the following questions at the link below. The deadline to apply is Aug. 7.

Apply for License Global’s annual “Influentials” report today!

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