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Trevco's Blue Wheel Launches Proprietary Amazon Ad Tech

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Trevco has launched a sister company aimed in helping with Amazon advertising.

Blue Wheel, a Trevco sister company, has announced the launch of a proprietary Amazon Advertising technology called Companion.

This technology features proprietary bid optimization algorithms, Blue Wheel’s 
“EQ-Bid” and functionality that gives the marketplace full control over a client’s advertising profitability. 

“Companion was born out of necessity, because the existing ad tech didn’t allow the level of customization required for us and our clients’ success. As both an agency and one of the largest 3P sellers in the United States, we know the Amazon game better than most,” says Trevor George, founder and chief executive officer, Blue Wheel and Trevco. “We needed a technology that could keep up with our vision and execute our strategies.”

Companion was built on Blue Wheel’s Search Term Isolation bidding philosophy - an advanced campaign architecture that allows the team to isolate search terms, automatically harvest keywords in real time and manage bids at scale. With Companion, Blue Wheel’s Amazon Advertising team has the level of customization they need to successfully manage complex accounts and run thousands of ad campaigns.

“Companion completely changes the game for Blue Wheel, Blue Wheel’s clients and Trevco,” says George. “Imagine, you pick a product, and know, with 100 percent control, how to make it pop at the top of the search results for any keyword, profitably”

Companion is exclusively available to managed-service clients of Blue Wheel, and of course Trevco. 

Watch the video announcement of Companion online, or learn more about how Blue Wheel and Companion work together at Blue Wheel's website.

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