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The Point.1888 Soars with I Like Birds

The two plan to create the first range of licensed products for the birdwatching market.

The Point.1888 has signed a brand representation agreement with designer I like Birds to create the first range of products for the birdwatching market.

“Will Stewart has assembled a team of legends (who are also fortunately amazingly talented and amazingly friendly and positive), and I've wanted to work with him since the first time I met him at BLE,” says Stuart Cox, founder, I like Birds. “In terms of business, any company that can amass the stellar lineup of clients that The Point.1888 has to be doing something right and, having spoken at length with Will – another of his positive attributes is the willingness to chat through the finer details of licensing. His approach is both a game changer and highly effective. There's a buzz of excitement around The Point.1888 that stems from Will and is totally infectious. Add in the fact that they have a track record of handling clients that range from mega-brands to niche indies and... well, it's a no-brainer. I'm chuffed to working with them and look forward to a long and extremely pointy future in their capable hands.”

New licensing partners are expected to be announced in the coming months with products set for release in spring/summer 2021.

“Our retail-first model ensures that we’re bringing to market products that retailers and their customers want but this only works as long as we identify the right opportunities,” says Bethan Garton, commercial director, The Point.1888. “With I like Birds, the birding market is ours, and myself and the team cannot wait to get started. Our founder, Will Stewart, is particularly keen as he and Stuart, founder of I like Birds, have wanted to work together for a long time.”

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